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“The vision of advancing the Kingdom of God in every country on Earth, energises our community and ministry especially among the young. That vision is also a reality."

Andrew Scotland

For decades, we travelled across the world to equip local leaders to spread the message of the Gospel. Together, we established Churches to enable those leaders to advance the Kingdom of God and to demonstrate the compassion of God by serving the poor. Now, the world is smaller than it has ever been and the opportunity to spread the Word of God is greater than at any time in our history.

Lifelink Global sees this exciting future and we have embraced it. We will grow and deepen our partnerships with local leaders in many nations and we will do so in the old way and in new ways by utilising the technology now available to us. The next generation that will build our worldwide impact will find us online, they will learn online and they will become a part of our vibrant online community.




The idea of a dynamic worldwide movement is designed to energise the community and ministry especially among the young.



First God gave us feet to walk, then He gave us boats, cars and planes to carry us and now He has given us a digital world that empowers us to advance the Kingdom, teach the Gospel and demonstrate His compassion in ways that will energise and expand our community.

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