Blow your cover

By Lesley Powell: Claremont Church, Bolton 22/09/2020

During the wonderful weather at the start of the coronavirus outbreak, Dave and Lorraine, two of our leaders from Claremont Bolton decided to move the bench from where they normally sit in their rear garden into their front garden; they could then more easily have conversations with the people walking past to take their daily exercise. 

They also put out a box containing both Gideon Bibles and ‘Try Praying’ booklets along with a note saying, ‘Please feel free to take one ...any questions or if we can help at all ...please ring’ along with their phone number.  

As well as quite a few of each being taken (12 Gideon Bibles, 13 Hope magazines and 6 Try Praying booklets) they have had several conversations about their faith. One of Dave’s sayings regarding evangelism is ‘Blow your Cover’ and that’s exactly what they have been doing!