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Lifelink Global is:

Ministries equipping the global church through local expressions.

  • A Community of Churches committed to advancing the Kingdom of God.
  • A Community of Teachers and Students committed to teaching the Word of God.
  • A Community of Believers committed to demonstrating the compassion of God.




Lifelink Global holds to the God-given principle that He commanded us to engage with society, not to withdraw from it.

Every member of the Community, be they an individual or a Church, plays their part in serving God by building a community united in their passion for Christ and their compassion for the world.

The shared Apostolic Ministry of our Community is to:

  • Spread the Gospel of the Kingdom to every man, woman and child in every Nation on Earth
  • Train and equip future Leaders to lead our churches and our worldwide mission, Now and Always
  • Dedicate our lives to serving God and relieving the suffering of our fellow men and women in His name

We are united by:

  • A Passion for Jesus
  • Devotion to the Kingdom of God
  • Compassion for the lost, lonely and dispossessed