Humanitarian Partnerships

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Wherever there is poverty, loneliness and despair, Lifelink Global gives a voice to the voiceless. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we go where God needs us to make the dispossessed a living part of spreading His message. Compassion undertaken in the absence of God’s message is incomplete and the greatest humanitarian work of all is to give the gift of the Holy Spirit where needed most.


Jesus led by example as ‘the Good Shepherd’ who gave his life out of compassion for us all. He reaffirmed our connection to God through personal sacrifice and that mission is at the heart of our humanitarian work.

Jesus brought his message to the poor and through our humanitarian work our aim is to give a voice to the voiceless with the supreme generosity of Jesus Christ as our inspiration.

Opportunity to HOPE

O2H is a grant-giving organisation with Christ centred community based development at the core of its mission and outreach.

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Africa Enterprise Trust

Africa Enterprise Trust works in Zambia through education and enterprise to equip young people with life skills to help them become self-supporting.

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